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Our Foundation is a committed supporter of the maintenance and spread of Hungarian culture and true values. Please support our work.

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** As per the Act CLXXV of 2011, § 2, paragraph 20, called Ectv., in accordance with the general rules of corporate tax, one may apply tax relief as benefit with regards to the amount of money (donation) allocated to the 'The Rock' Museum Public Benefit Foundation in a certain tax year provided that the organization donates to support an entity with a public benefit activity and also that they have a certificate issued by the non-profit organization for the purpose of establishing the tax base. Under the tax relief, the donor does not have to increase their pre-tax profit by the amount of the donation, can reduce their pre-tax profit by 20 percent of the amount of the donation.

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Support by wire transfer

You can also support the activities of our Foundation by wire transfer

"The Rock" Museum Public Benefit Foundation

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
HUF account: 12011375-01951026-00100007
EUR account: 12011375-01951026-00200004
Tax number: 18728488-2-41

If you decide to donate by wire transfer, please include the word DONATION or ADOMÁNY as a comment.

What do we use the donations for?

To maintain the Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum and to convey the value of peace
To support class trips for disadvantaged children
For collection expansion purposes, collection and restoration of exhibition objects
For scientific work, to research the history of the Hospital in the Rock
To acknowledge and reward the work of people who played a significant role in the history and research of the Hospital in the Rock
Educational activities and to share the results of the research with the general public.

Donation machine

After the guided tour in the museum, it is also possible to support the work of the Foundation by using our donation machines. Our donation machines only accept credit cards.

Offer Your 1%

By 20 May each year, each taxpayer in Hungary may provide for 1% of their tax on personal income tax when filing their personal income tax return, by filling in an EGYSZA form. To do so, all you need to do is provide the tax number of our Foundation on the form. It is 18728488-2-41.