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Hospital in the Rock
Nuclear Bunker Museum

The 'The Rock' Museum Public Benefit Foundation operates the Hospital in the Rock from its own financial resources without support from the state.


The present of the museum

The museum opened in 2007 and has been visited by more than 1,000,000 visitors so far.

Our mission is to present the true face of war and to emphasize the value of peace. It commemorates everyday heroes who demonstrated their determination and heroism in the most difficult times of the twentieth century.

In this spirit, our primary purpose is to preserve and showcase the eternal values they represented.




The museum conducts research on the history of the Hospital in the Rock, which is closely related to the history of World War II, the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the Cold War.

A number of publications and books have been published on historical facts that had so far been little known of or not been disclosed in relation to the Hospital in the Rock or other relevant topics.

  • Gábor Tatai: A Brief History of the Hospital in the Rock (2012)
  • Balázs Szabó: Rákosi titkos Bunkere (Rákosi's Secret Bunker) (2013)
  • Kristóf Erdős – Gábor Tatai: Kém vagy angyal? Betléri Andrássy Ilona grófnő (Spy or Angel? Countess Ilona Andrássy von Betléri) (2016)
  • Balázs Szabó: A Várhegyi alagút története 1837–2014 (The History of the Castle Hill Tunnel 1837-2014) (2016)

  • The museum also operates a research service.

    Museum pedagogy

    Students can learn about the life-changing historical events of Hungary during museum sessions, outsourced history classes and interactive programmes. Playful and motivating activities help us to understand Hungarian history and deepen the knowledge of it.